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Fields sofas, low back | Art. no FILB2

Upholstered sofa with a two-part low back, and back cushion without buttons. Wooden base with glide. Can be combined with power sockets. Freestanding. Included in Fields, a modular range with great variation, where different modules and accessories are combined to create spaces with different functions and designs.

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Certificate - Kinnarps.Lib.Models.BaseCertificate
Certificate - if-design-award-2017

A modular range with endless possibilities

Our modular FIELDS range can be combined in many different ways. It consists of tables, easy chairs, pouffes, sofas, coffee tables, storage units and places to work individually or together. The various modules give you the flexibility to create solutions customised to needs, situation and space. You can combine them to achieve the look and functionality you want. The numerous versions make it possible to create shared spaces, meeting spaces, rooms within rooms, creative spaces, lounges or private workstations. Combine the units with smart accessories to form a well thought-out whole. This range links shared to personal spaces, meetings to independent work, the individual to the team, and enables every member of staff to find a personal space for working and peace of mind. The design has been created to ensure a coherent look however the parts are combined. With the help of the materials and fabrics in Kinnarps Colour Studio, you can find the expression you’re looking for.

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