Art. 227A

Koy, starbase | Art. no 227A

Comfortable chair with a completely upholstered seat unit, cruciform base, and armrests that provide comfortable support for the arms.

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Certificate - Kinnarps.Lib.Models.BaseCertificate

In between chair/armchair

KOY is an in between chair/armchair for different types of meeting places, conference rooms and social spaces. It combines the comfort of an armchair with the neat look of a chair. Its inviting yet distinctive design makes it suitable in many different contexts. KOY always comes with a cross base, and is available with or without upholstered armrests. It has an innovative tilting mechanism that enables the chair to encourage and follow the user’s movements, prevent static loads and provide a more comfortable sitting position. The seat is gently curved at the front to reduce pressure on the legs for good sitting ergonomics. It also features Nozag springs for comfortable sitting. The seat unit is moulded in High Resilience (HR) Foam, a foam with high responsiveness and shape stability, which quickly recovers its shape and gives the chair a longer lifespan. There is a crumb gap between the armrest and seat, which makes the chair easy to maintain. For extra durability, the armrests can be upholstered with edge trim. The chair has also been tested in accordance with EN 16139, which ensures good quality, a long life cycle and a safe product for furniture in public spaces. Choose any quality-assured fabric from Kinnarps Colour Studio.