12.00 - 13:00: LUNCH


13.00 - 13.45: Holistic ergonomics - Kinnarps (NL)

  • How can you create a healthy workplace and win benefits in both well-being and productivity?

  • We welcome you to a lunch session where we together explore how the concept of holistic ergonomics can help you achieve positive effects such as better well-being, reduced stress and higher productivity of your employees:

  • - Encourage movement - performance begins with well-being

  • - Reduce negative distractions and find work focus

  • - Become an attractive employer through a positive working climate


13.45 - 14:00: Coffee break                                                                          

14:00 - 15:00: Human Centric Lighting - Henrik Clausen, Fagerhult (ENG)

Everyone is talking about Human Centric Lighting. But who can explain it? For Fagerhult it is quite simple. Human Centric Lighting is lighting that makes people feel good. With the right knowledge we can design functional and value-creating solutions for you who own, manage, or reside in the property.
This is the perfect introduction for those curious about how Human Centric Lighting can bring added value to your business. We will share the latest finding, provide practical tips, and help you get started.



Kinnarps Showroom

Heide 15

1780 Wemmel

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