One size fits ... no one

Inclusive design with focus on diversity. It’s about creating a flexible working environment that is attractive and inclusive, and which enables organisations to find and retain talent.

Adapt to people, not the other way around

Today it’s more important than ever to furnish workplaces to meet the needs of a diverse range of employees. In order to get the team working at their full capacity, everyone needs the opportunity to fulfil their potential, irrespective of needs, age, sex, weight, height and language. Therefore, you have to begin from extremes, and not take a ’man in the street’ approach when furnishing a workplace.

"It's now more important than ever to furnish workspaces to meet the needs of a diverse range of employees"

We develop our products and furnishing solutions in close collaboration with researchers, architects, designers and ergonomists. Examples of products with inclusive design are height-adjustable desks and adjustable task chairs with an intuitive design that makes them easy to adjust and customise perfectly to the shape of the body.