Freedom of choice at the office

Varied working environments leads to better comfort and ergonomics.

Going to work is no longer the same as going to an actual place or space. Your work is the things you do: Alone and in cooperation with others. As tasks and technology change, our needs also change – over the day and with different projects. Instead of being tied to a fixed workplace, you can move between many ergonomically correct working environments optimized for different tasks. When you can choose whether you want to work alone or together, you will be able to feel and to perform better.

Five ergonomic work environments


Workplace for your own focus.

The need of some private space is essential in all work processes. Perhaps you need peace and quiet to formulate a thought or immerse yourself in new material? A secluded workplace with a proper working table, an ergonomic task chair and screens that reduce sound and sight provide space for concentration and important phone calls.


Informal meeting places.

Do you have an idea that you want to share? Or a problem that needs to be solved? A quick conversation with your colleague is often the solution. A place for informal meetings should be designed with comfortable, shielded seating so you can keep your conversation in peace and quiet. There should also be a working table or desktop for your laptops and notebooks. The environment should be screened for privacy but easy to open up if you want to welcome more people into the conversation.


Time to socialize.

Sometimes you want to talk about other things than work. An inviting lunch area or café, with comfy seating and flexible tables, offers a relaxed working environment that boosts new energy and encourages to spontaneous discussions and meetings. Make sure to have generous table surfaces – you might end up talking work after all.


Meeting room for small and large meetings

The meeting is the momentum that drives the work forward. By designing meeting places as small ”rooms in the room”, you can stimulate planned as well as spontaneous meetings. Vary the size so that there are options for different number of participants. High backs that screens off, well-equipped work surfaces, good lighting and connectivity add focus and contribute to effective and creative meetings.


Environments for project work.

A lot of work is carried out as projects. Flexible modules allow you to create a designated workplace for the group – while the project is running or over the day. A screen solution is the starting point, offering the possibility to create a ”room in the room”. A generous working desk, complete with sockets for IT and communication, is the natural centre of the working environment and can be matched by task chairs, meeting chairs or sofas depending on the character of the work. You can also choose to add on the room on the outside of the screen, for example with a desktop and chairs. The extra surface contributes to even greater freedom of choice and opens up communication with the surrounding environment.

”Products and solutions with good ergonomics contribute to an inspiring and healthy workplace. It strengthens the company brand and makes it easier to attract and retain new talents.”

This is also ergonomics:


Noise can be one of the most irritating disturbances in the contemporary office. By planning for acoustic solutions and quiet spaces, you can reduce stress and improve concentration. For example, The British Council of Offices has calculated that better acoustics could increase productivity of UK companies by two percent!


Flickering or insufficient light can affect work and well-being. Make sure that flexible or modular workplaces have enough lighting in the ceiling – or equip them with good task lighting on tables and in other furnishings. The light source should be well shielded to avoid irritating glare.


Plants in the office environment are beautiful to look at, have a calming effect and reduce stress. In addition, they increase oxygen levels in the air and contribute to better humidity.

Flexible Fields

Fields is Kinnarps’ flexible and ergonomic concept for different working environments in the office. It is a modular system that connects individual work with team work in an effective and inspiring way.

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Kinnarps Next Office®

Next Office is Kinnarps’ process for new workplaces. Together we create your working environment according to the needs of the organization and its individuals.

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